Attract and Retain Skilled Software Testers – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. How to Attract and Retain Skilled Software Testers: An Interview with Judy McKay

As the demand for skilled, qualified software testers grows, it will become essential for organizations to consider how they can attract and retain the right software testing talent.

Of course, there are a number of qualities that make a tester “good” – attitude, passion, curiosity, just to name a few. Skilled testers will be able to embed themselves into the whole software development lifecycle regardless of what your lifecycle is. The presence of a good tester will facilitate a focus on quality throughout the project and will ultimately result in a quality-focused team building a quality product.

President of ASTQB, Judy McKay, discusses strategies for attracting and retaining these kinds of testers in her interview that you can listen to or read here.

2. Understanding the Business Strategy As a Software Tester

As cool as it would be if a tester’s job simply involved breaking things all the time, there is much more that goes into delivering a quality product. QA professionals work to ensure that the apps they help create live up to user and stakeholder expectations throughout its lifecycle.

However, it can be incredibly easy for testers to lose sight of the big picture. It’s crucial, then, that testers remain aware of an organization’s business strategy as they interact with the project. With an understanding of a company’s goals and development, QA teams can better evaluate software and meet business expectations. Read on…

3. Lessons Learned Testing QA Mail for Black Ops Testing

No matter how old we grow, we never stop learning – and when it comes to our careers, one of the best ways to learn is from others. Being able to view, step-by-step, a tester’s approach to a project and the testing results is invaluable.

In this post, author Alan Richardson details his experience testing QA Mail. He describes how he introduced automation, tested the emails and observed the system under test. In the end, this project forced him to consider new ways of observing and interacting with the system. For a deeper dive into his testing methods and takeaways, read the full article here.

4. Getting Started with Test-Driven Development – Where Do I Start?

If you’ve ever built software using a true Test-Driven Development approach, a problem you may have initially faced is where to start – what is the first test?

In this article, author Dave Rooney recounts an exercise he participated in that brought him to the following conclusion: You don’t need to agonize over which concept to introduce first. Just start somewhere and adjust from there. The code will show you which way it wants to go.

The exercise: pairing up and building a simple game of Blackjack using only a test-driven approach. Check out the full write-up for a look at Rooney’s testing process here.

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