Accelerate SAP Performance Testing & Save Cost with NeoLoad

Business-critical SAP applications are all over the enterprise. Day-to-day operations rely on these applications to perform, and this requires a rigorous performance testing effort. NeoLoad’s rapid test design and automatic test update capabilities are just a couple of the features that enable SAP performance test acceleration and lower cost benefits. 

SAP IS everywhere. For more than >440K customers in more than 180 countries to be exact. A visit to their site will reinforce their prowess. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software – 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches a system of theirs. Their mission is to service and support the idea that data is the “new currency” in the enterprise, this includes software and technology.

If you’re like me, you rarely take a step back and honestly think about the individual tasks on your daily work to-do list, what each requires to check the box. There’s nothing wrong with this. We’re all busy, sometimes to the point, where there’s little room for error.

Let’s try something together, shall we? Think about as many of the assignments you’ve had to complete today already. Don’t forget that important phone call to your key customer to confirm next week’s quarterly business review meeting. Now, think about the tasks, and how many of them are backboned by technology? Consider this, upon your return from next week’s trip you’ll submit your expenses probably by way of a system powered by something similar to, if not SAP itself.

NeoLoad Just Makes Sense

Given the business criticality associated with the SAP platform, performance is a must. It only fits that with products like SAP ERP, SuccessFactors, Concur, Hybris, or Ariba, the focus on performance gives way to a partnership between Neotys and SAP. For more about the alliance, click here.

Native SAP Support & S/4HANA Migration

Recently built-into the product, NeoLoad supports the automation and acceleration of performance testing for the SAP products across the full range of traditional on-premise SAP apps, the latest cloud deployments. It also natively supports S/4HANA-deployments and ensures no performance degradation before production.

Accelerate SAP Performance Testing, Cut the Executional Costs

Similar to the gains NeoLoad users have grown accustomed to when testing web and digital applications, SAP GUI testing is building its own resume compared to other performance testing tools.

  • Quick Onboarding: Get up to speed in half the time
  • Rapid Test Design: Up to 60% faster
  • Accelerate Performance Diagnosis: React faster when you detect an SAP performance bottleneck and accelerate the deployment phase.
  • Reuse SAP Functional Tests for Performance Tests: Using out-of-the-box integrations with SAP functional testing tools like WorkSoft Certify and Tricentis Tosca, you can re-use functional testing assets as performance tests
  • Automatic Test Updates: Automatic script updates save 90% of the maintenance time (adjusting the changed portion versus the entire script)
  • More Realistic Tests: Simulates even the most complex transactions and scale load tests up to thousands of SAP virtual users

Race to the Cloud Paved by Worksoft Certify & NeoLoad

Today’s complex landscape is comprised of a mix of web, mobile, homegrown, and highly customized commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications like Oracle EBS, Siebel, and SAP. A clear trend across the industry is to move these apps to cloud-based hosting, meanwhile, evolving from an on-premise self-managed ERP app to a SaaS/PaaS solution.

For most F500 companies using one of SAP’s legacy products, they’re looking at a forced migration before the end of 2025. Moving to SAP HANA is a move from a self-managed environment to a cloud-based one. When moving to the Cloud, a common mistake some organizations make is translating their current architecture into cloud instances. Why? When developing the architecture, the tendency is to oversize the servers. So, instead of using a translation, the calculation should be based on CPU capacity for each node. This approach provides a more accurate depiction of the total cost that is sure to resonate across the business – an essential component enabling an effective and efficient cloud journey. Enter NeoLoad and Certify – the industry-leading test automation solution for enterprise applications including SAP, Workday,, Oracle, and Web Apps.

As the demand for shorter development cycles from DevOps/Agile environments increases by the day, time savings require asset reuse. To many organizations, functional test cases cannot be easily imported into the load test tool, so they have to re-do the work. With WorkSoft Certify and NeoLoad you no longer have to wish you could re-use your functional assets. Read the full datasheet.

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Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version of NeoLoad and start testing today.

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