A Tester Should Know Better – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. A Tester Should Know Better

Industry articles that tend to resonate with readers often feature authors that share personal experiences that somehow intersect with software testing. After all, looking at real-world scenarios with a tester’s mindset can be incredibly educational.

In this write-up, Daniel Woodward addresses the treatment and management of his blood cancer from a tester’s point of view, pointing out a few different mistakes he believes he shouldn’t have made along the way as a tester himself. Throughout his article, Woodward draws some interesting parallels between his medical journey and software testing that shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Quick Tips to Kick-Start Accessibility Testing

We’ve included several articles in past Roundups that discuss the importance of implementing accessibility testing, but where should you start? First off, it’s important to focus on securing the proper infrastructure, resources and software testing tools.

The next step involves understanding project requirements, reviewing relevant documents, creating a precise test plan, and implementing said test plan, all while keeping the disabled end users in mind.

This post outlines a handful of quick tips for performing a comprehensive accessibility testing effort. Read on…

3. Five Things I Learned about Testing by Becoming a Developer

From project management to testing to software development, David Christiansen’s background in the industry is quite comprehensive. Since 2011, he has been writing and testing software every day, and he couldn’t be happier.

“I owe it all to testing software, my gateway drug to a better life.”

Now that Christiansen has written a lot of software and is launching 1-2 new products a year, he has identified a handful of things he’s learned as a developer that he wishes he’d understood as a tester. Read the full article here to discover which five things David Christiansen learned about testing by becoming a developer.

4. Never Tested but Want to be a Tester (Starting Points)

Are you starting your career as a software tester? If you’ve never tested before, but would like to start, this mind-map will act as your guide. From blogs to forums to videos, books and meetups, this compilation of resources is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into the software testing industry.

Check it out!

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