5 Ways To Be a Bold and Confident Software Tester – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. 5 Ways To Be a Bold and Confident Software Tester

Within your software development team, you’ve undoubtedly had conversations that ended up feeling more like arguments. Sometimes team members will attempt to invalidate certain application issues with excuses like, “Your team is only interested in increasing the bug count.”

To combat combativeness, software testers must be bold—ask questions, raise doubts, convey ideas, and start conversations. In this Software Testing Help article, team member Bhumika commiserates with testers who face pushback and recommends five different ways you can become a bolder tester to overcome similar pushback within your organization.

“It is important to be bold, take risks and be creative with whatever you do.”

2. Test Early and Often: 10 Strategies for Perfecting Performance

At some point you’ve probably heard the term “test early and often.” If you’re in an agile organization, that term perfectly captures the philosophy of iterative development and the commitment to rooting out defects sooner rather than later.

Automating performance tests, using synthetic users, exploratory testing, and partnering with developers are only a few of the ways your organization can facilitate continuous performance testing throughout the development lifecycle. For a look at the full list of strategies for perfecting performance, read on here.

3. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Software Testing Industry

“Frankly, you’d have to be crazy to do this for a living!”

Author Keith Klain has a point. In his post, he summarizes software testing as, “commoditized, devalued, misunderstood…[it] goes through cycles of being chopped, changed, and lives at the front lines of imminent takeover by our robot overlords.”

When you actually stop and think about it, it’s a wonder any of you have stuck with a software testing career! First of all, major props for dedicating yourselves to the pursuit of better performing software. Every application user, whether they’re aware of your part in the process or not, appreciates it.

It’s understandable as to how a view of software testing, like the one Klain describes above, can become bothersome. In the rest of his article, he explains how he was able to overcome his frustration with the profession. Read on here to explore his methods and newfound outlook on software testing.

4. Top Test Automation Trends of 2016

It’s quite clear by now that some of the biggest trends in 2016 include agile & DevOps, continuous delivery & automated security testing, predictive analysis and customer & business assurance. This year, automation demand has also been increasingly significantly as teams seek out the best way to deliver quality products faster.

Referencing expert’s opinions and industry reports, the folks over at Software Testing Club have compiled a list of the top automation trends of 2016 which includes mobile testing, APIs & Microservices testing, configuration management automation and more!

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