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1. 10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Career in Software Testing

If you’ve worked in software testing for ten years, you’re undoubtedly chock-full of valuable knowledge that other testers would love to get their hands on. So why not share the love? In this article, author Bhumika Mehta discusses ten software testing takeaways she’s accumulated over the years, listing them as bite-sized lessons to inspire testers at every level of their career.

Have a look and you just might learn something.

2. So, What Do Testers Do? (We Need Your Input!)

A conclusion drawn by Rosie Sherry based on responses to the question she posed over at the Software Testing Club. However, responses also indicated that while testing is not dead, it has changed. So what exactly does testing look like for a tester on a day-to-day basis?

Sherry writes, “In an attempt to clarify to the whole world around us what it is testers (can) actually do, I’d like to see if we can gain further insight from you, the testers, about what it is you actually do on a regular basis.”

She has created questionnaire form for testers to complete here. For those of you not yet involved in the testing world, stay tuned for the survey results!

3. The Ethics of a Testing Job Interview

When conducting a testing job interview, of course you want to ask questions to be sure the candidate has the skills necessary for the position. But what sorts of questions go too far? Is it ethical to ask a candidate to solve an actual problem your company is experiencing—even if you don’t end up hiring him?

This article explores some moral gray areas.

4. Discussion: Tips to Improve the QA Process in a Project…?

Minimizing the waste of time, man power and resources typically needed for QA and testing is a challenge many companies face when it comes to software development. It is more than understandable, then, that testers pose questions similar to the following:

“What can be some solid tips and suggestions to improve whole QA/Testing process in a project? I am testing a financial web application. What are the testing areas in which we can improve the process and minimize waste?”

Add your thoughts to the discussion.

FUN FACT: Software quality assurance engineers and testers rank #7 on Indeed’s list of the top 10 in-demand jobs of 2015!

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