6 Takeaways from Enterprises Who Migrated from LoadRunner
Thursday, December 17th
10:00 am – 11:00 am ET

Enterprises that have relied on LoadRunner as their status quo performance testing tool for years are increasingly finding that it has not kept pace with the shift to Agile/ DevOps methodologies. With development cycles getting shorter and new applications, microservices, APIs and features being released faster and faster, these enterprises are turning to NeoLoad as the performance testing platform that meets their modern needs.
But there remain a few (mis)perceptions about how much time and effort is needed to migrate from LoadRunner to NeoLoad. Neotys interviewed ten enterprise customers who made the migration to find out exactly what the truth of the matter is.


Join us to hear what they said about:


  • Real vs perceived technical obstacles to migration.
  • Immediate and surprising quick wins from migrating
  • Time to script tests pre- and post-migration and overall test maintenance savings
  • Skills and expertise required in one performance testing approach with LoadRunner vs NeoLoad
  • Experience performance testing new vs old scripts within an Agile/DevOps environment.
  • Results using NeoLoad for both DevOps and traditional end-to-end testing.

After debunking common migration misperceptions, we will cover a proven best- practices migration strategy based on over 10 years’ experience in migrating enterprises from LoadRunner to NeoLoad.

6 Takeaways from Enterprises Who Migrated from LoadRunner

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Kristen Webb
Director of Product Marketing

Kristen runs product marketing at Neotys. She oversees how NeoLoad is brought to market and represents the voice of the customer in R&D and in all communications.

Bruno Duval
VP Professional Services

Bruno is the VP Professional Services at Neotys. His role is to support the growth of the company: from building and delivering a successful set of services to set up, structure and manage Presales, services and Customer Success teams.