All 10 Ramp Up Recordings Now Available On Demand

Weren’t able to attend the Ramp Up 2020 – Europe virtual summit? No problem: now you can get all 10 recorded presentations and watch them at your convenience.

  1. Neotys CEO Thibaud Bussière presents the 2020 State of Performance Engineering in our “new normal” and why performance has more business relevance now than ever before.
  2. Neotys Head of Product Patrick Wolf dives into the 3 pillars of NeoLoad innovation: design excellence, runtime of your choice, and analysis — and gives a sneak peek into where Neoyts is headed.
  3. In An Industrial Approach to Performance Testing, Marc-Antoine Torti shows how Yves Rocher has been able to scale self-service testing to slice validation from 2 months to 2 days.
  4. Andi Grabner (Dynatrace) and Henrik Rexed (Neotys) discuss how the Dynatrace-Neotys integration helps align performance engineering with business goals in The Secret Sauce to Performance Engineering as a Service.
  5. Learn about a telecom giant’s Journey Into Performance Engineering from Corrine Dubois, Head of Integration and Performance at Orange.
  6. Hear Forrester analyst Chris Condo discuss Performance-Driven DevOps and how shifting to a product focus helps all teams understand the importance of performance in delivering business value.
  7. Alexander Hanelt (IT ERGO) and Roman Ferstl (Triscon) discuss how they leveraged intelligent integration for Automated Performance Tests with NeoLoad, Dynatrac and Keptn.
  8. Hear How Raiffeisen Bank Accelerates Load and Performance Testing to test more with fewer resources and deliver more reliable software, faster.
  9. See how Twinformatics (Vienna Insurance Group) and Triscon converted automated functional test cases for performance tests in minutes in their session, Automating Test Design in NeoLoad with Tosca.


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