Efficient and Comprehensive Web Performance Testing & Monitoring

NeoLoad and NeoSense are designed to make performance testing and monitoring web apps as efficient as possible while giving you the ability to handle even the most complex use cases and applications. Neotys is committed to delivering support for all the latest web technologies so testers are prepared for anything developers add into their apps.

Validate Performance for Any Web App Technology

  • All web protocols supported
  • All RIA Frameworks supported

Simulate Any Web Browser

  • Simulated browsers for realistic response times and load
  • Predefined settings for current and older version of browsers
  • Options to add custom browser settings

Get Real Browser Metrics Under Load

  • Complete end-user experience from real browsers
  • Frontend metrics like rendering times correlated with backend metrics
  • Integrations with Selenium, Tosca and more

Ensure Performance for Mobile Users on Web Apps

  • Mobile device simulation
  • Network virtualization
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