Webinar: How to Test in Production with NeoLoad & NeoSense

What you’ll learn:

  • Challenges with load testing in production
  • Recommended best practices for safely testing in production
  • How you can view results in real time with NeoLoad
  • What to do if a test starts to affect the performance of real users
  • How to leverage your test designs to monitor your app in production
  • And more!

When testing performance in production, there are a number of questions you might ask yourself before taking on the perceived risks: Will my tests affect real users? What do I do if my app is running 24×7? Should I avoid testing certain actions that will affect back office processes or use service virtualization instead? But one question you don’t want to worry about is, “Can I safely do Testing in Production with my load testing toolset?”

Learn all the best practices around load and performance Testing in Production. Then, see how NeoLoad can help you safely conduct tests in production and how to re-use those same test designs to conduct proactive monitoring in production with NeoSense.

Speaker: Henrik Rexed, Technical Evangelist, Neotys