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Performance Test of RIA Applications under Load

Rich Internet Applications are web applications that provide features normally found in standard desktop applications. RIAs usually transfer any required processing to the web client's user interface and retain most of the data on the application server. Particular attention is paid to interactivity and speed of execution in these web applications, which are now frequently used in all sectors of business, including finance, the media, and industry. Provided they are performing well, it’s the ergonomic and intuitive features of these applications which lead to gains in efficiency for the end user.

NeoLoad Support for RIA and Frameworks

Using NeoLoad and the supplied modules, you will be able to create test scenarios, spot bottlenecks and validate yourRIA web applications' performance, and detect any weak points. Load and stress testing your RIA applications and fine-tuning them prior to deployment will allow you to optimize user experience and launch into production with total confidence.

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The Free Edition of NeoLoad is shipped with all optional modules activated.

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