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Flex®, Adobe®'s development solution for rich Internet applications (RIA's), is an open source framework for creating highly interactive and intuitive applications that deploy in an identical manner on most browsers, workstations and operating systems.

To communicate between the client workstation and the server, Flex relies on a protocol called AMF (Action script Messaging Format).

NeoLoad is ready!

Thanks to NeoLoad, you can create scenarios to test your Flex applications' behavior under stress and validate their performances, while pinpointing any weaknesses.

Load testing your applications with NeoLoad means you can enter the production phase with peace of mind and at a reasonable cost.

Flex module

Since the Flex technology is based on a binary protocol, testing Flex applications requires this protocol to be specifically supported.

NeoLoad's Flex module allows you to:

  • Record the AMF traffic to be played back (module not required for text or XML traffic).
  • Extract/replace AMF data during the test in order to variabilize the calls (the data is presented in XML format in the scenario).
  • Automatically handle the session IDs used by AMF.
  • Handle streaming channels (Push module required).

Note: All the modules are included with the demo license.

More technical information here.

LiveCycle Data Services ES Monitoring

NeoLoad allows you to monitor your LiveCycle Data Services ES (LCDS) application services during testing for a quicker diagnosis of performance slow-down issues.

Furthermore, the monitor is shipped preconfigured to simplify the retrieval of the relevant data from your LCDS application services. NeoLoad provides threshold values -derived from industry best practices- to trigger relevant alerts.


Certain Flex or Air applications may use the RTMP protocol as the transport layer. See NeoLoad’s RTMP module.


A short animation demonstrating a load test for Flex applications.

AMF (Adobe Flex) requests with NeoLoad (6 minutes)

Customer Testimonial

Spectum K12

Based in Towson, MD, Spectrum K12 School Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education IEP software serving 11% of the U.S. K-12 student population including 20 of the top 100 school districts in the United States.

« We looked at a number of open source projects, and closed source products. None of them could match the simplicity and integrated experience that we saw with NeoLoad. The cost for NeoLoad also came in below some of the _supposedly_ more feature rich products out there. NeoLoad is by far the best combination of ease of use, functionality and price for load testing Adobe Flex applications on the market today.»

Chris DeLashmutt
Chief Architect
Read the complete success story.

Testing Services

Neotys Consultants: experts in Adobe Flex load testing

All our consultants here at Neotys are experts in the field of load testing, optimizing Flex or AIR applications, and configuring the infrastructure servers (LCDS, BlazeDS, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, PHP, .NET, etc.).

We offer a wide range of services from training to performance testing and auditing. We can even complete full infrastructure optimization with your team.

Contact us for further information.

Flex Testing Technical Details

NeoLoad brings you support of:

  • Flex for Web and AIR applications on user desktop,
  • The AMF protocol in version 0 and 3,
  • Flex Messaging Service, allowing data push by polling, long-polling or streaming requests through HTTP,
  • Flash Remoting objects content in Flex messages,
  • AMFX, the AMF serialized XML format,
  • Cairngorm Framework,
  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES and Flex Data Services application services,
  • Granite Data Services and BlazeDS services,
  • Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform.

Furthermore, NeoLoad allows you to monitor LiveCycle Data Services ES (LCDS) application services during load tests, resulting in a speedier diagnosis of performance slowdowns.

The following diagrams show NeoLoad's architecture:

  • during the recording of the scenario:
    Performances Adobe Flex: load ans stress test
  • during the load test run:
    Performances Adobe Flex: load and stress test

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NeoLoad reporting facilities are excellent, enabling us to produce professional-looking documents for our customer with minimum effort.

Philip Turtle, Architect, 3D-VE High Performance Centre, Unisys UK - UK

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