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How to Test Your Application with NeoLoad

A Simple Solution that's Easy to Deploy

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NeoLoad, the professional load testing software, provides all the features you'll need to carry out load tests and analyze the results, all from within a unique and integrated interface. By simulating large numbers of users using an application simultaneously, NeoLoad allows you to analyze both the user response times and your infrastructure's statistics (database, Web server, network components etc.).

The number of simultaneous users in load tests carried out by Neotys clients using NeoLoad can range from as few as 50 up to, in certain cases, more than 1,000,000! NeoLoad is the only tool to offer such a combination of ease of use and performance.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Design

Simply use your application mimicking real life scenario. NeoLoad records them into Virtual Users presented into a Graphical User Interface. You don’t need to learn any scripting language. The key business transactions are created while you record your scenarios.

Any customization like having a unique credential per Virtual User simulated can be designed using drag’n’drop and dedicated wizards.

Populations of users can be defined based on Virtual User profiles, to represent different groups accessing the application form different devices, network conditions or geographic locations.

Leveraging NeoLoad agentless monitors, you can measure your infrastructure performance during the load test. NeoLoad comes with predefined thresholds for most known database and application servers, helping you identifying immediately the root cause of performance issues.

2. Run

Define the number of users to simulate according to your design, and start getting insights regarding your application behavior under load.

Different load policies help you:

  • understand the application performance at a regular load,
  • ramp up the number of users to find the maximum capacity
  • make sure your application is recovering well after a large spike of user – make sure there is no memory leaks for instance.

Immediately during the test, you can start analyzing the performance leveraging live charts and dashboards (errors, monitor alerts …).

3. Analyze

As soon as the test ends, NeoLoad highlights the most significant test results and any errors in a test summary, thus allowing you to focus immediately on the points in your application that require attention.

In depth analysis tools help you digging into the details of all the metrics collected during the test.

A powerful reporting tool, including comparison capabilities, allows you to present the test results efficiently and share with your team.

A Flexible Architecture

NeoLoad has two main components: the Controller and the Load Generator.

A load generator is included with the controller to make deployment even simpler. For testing with average loads, only one machine is required. Additional, free-of-charge load generators can be deployed on other machines for testing at very high loads. This flexible architecture means you can envisage carrying out any kind of test, including those using high traffic volumes.

During a test, NeoLoad collects information on the server infrastructure via its monitoring modules to pinpoint the causes of performance issues. Our monitoring modules' design, based on industry standards, allows monitoring to be carried out remotely and non-intrusively. Each module is shipped preconfigured with the appropriate performance counters for your system. NeoLoad provides values for alert thresholds -derived from industry best practices- to trigger relevant alerts.

For high injection power or geo locations purposes, or to leverage NeoLoad without the hassle of provisioning machines, NeoLoad Controller and Load Generator are available in the Neotys Cloud Platform.

The Controller

  • Provides a graphical interface from which the user can create and record scenarios, run tests and analyze the results.
  • Executes the test by controlling the load generators' outputs.
  • Monitors the Web infrastructure's various components without installing any agents on the server. Actually, the monitoring engine can be installed separately from the Controller to solve deployment challenges when security constraints are high.

The Load Generator

  • Simulates users accessing the application being tested.
  • Collects information on the application's performance.
  • Can be deployed at no additional cost on as many machines as required.
Test infrastructure

The two components may be run on Windows, Linux and on Unix platforms.

The Team Server

To leverage the maximum of your testing team potential, the Neotys Team Server provides with advanced capabilities to collaborate on load testing projects. The design elements can be shared and reused across the team to save time in building scenarios. The test results can be shared the same way.

On top of the collaboration benefits, the Team Server is a key repository and a structuring element in your testing organization.

System Requirements

NeoLoad is compatible with all web servers and web application servers: J2EE, .NET, PHP, ASP, CGI, AJAX, SOAP, etc...

Software Platforms

NeoLoad (Controller and Load Generators) is compatible with:

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
  • Linux (RedHat, Mandriva)
  • Solaris 10

NeoLoad is compatible with any platform running Java Virtual Machine 7.

Windows 95/98 are not recommended for use with NeoLoad; load testing may return inaccurate statistics.


NeoLoad should require no more than 1 Gb of memory to run a standard test, but this will depend on the scenario you run, and on the number of virtual users.

NeoLoad Controller requires 500 Mb hard disk space for installation. Test results will occupy additional hard disk space.

For information purposes, the recommended configuration for the controller or load generator is as follows:

  • 2 GHz or faster processor.
  • Minimum 1 Gb random access memory.

NeoLoad in 3 Minutes

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