24x7 Synthetic Performance Monitoring Tool

NeoSense is a proactive application performance monitoring tool for all web and mobile applications. It generates synthetic users in production and actively monitors the performance and availability of critical transactions within your recorded user paths as well as your application’s infrastructure to pinpoint root cause quickly.

NeoSense 2.2 Now Available!

Supports the Latest Web and Mobile Application Technologies

Whether your app is using HTML 5, HTTP/2, Flash, Push, WebSocket, or any other of the latest web and mobile technologies, NeoSense has got you covered. In addition, NeoSense supports complex business applications including Oracle Forms, Siebel, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and more.

Unmatched Realism

Intricate user paths can all be simulated easily with NeoSense even if those user paths involve complex technologies like audio or video streaming. You can see what the performance is like for your web and mobile users in production under different network conditions using any device or browser from as many locations as you want.

Fast & Powerful

NeoSense leverages the proven test scenario design capabilities of NeoLoad to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles. Wizards, checkers, and pickers make designing complex use cases simple and a similar GUI-based approach is used when configuring monitoring profiles in NeoSense.

Actionable Insights

Numerous dashboards with both real-time and historical data to allow you to keep on top of the performance and availability of the user paths that are most important to your business. See dashboards with high level graphs of performance trends and availability or drill down to the request and response level in the waterfall view. Then, pinpoint root cause with agentless infrastructure monitors.

Synergy Between QA & Ops

When using NeoSense for monitoring and NeoLoad for testing, you can simply import the NeoLoad project file with all test cases used during performance testing and monitor these same use cases in production. Analyzing the same use cases for monitoring and testing means less work and better insights to the Dev and QA teams when something does go wrong in production.

In less than three days, Health On Net (HON) was able to implement NeoSense to identify and diagnose website availability and performance problems from an end-user point of view. HON can now rely on a monitoring tool that is simple to use and fine-tuned to its specific needs.

Business & IT Collaboration

With NeoSense, business and IT stay on the same page when it comes to the performance of the application in production. Business and IT work together to define the critical user paths to monitor in production. NeoSense then creates a single version of the truth that unifies business and IT.