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NeoLoad Cloud Testing

On-demand load testing from outside the firewall

Large scale tests

Test entire delivery chain

Cost effective

Internal load generation infrastructure can serve its purpose when the focus is on identifying and correcting fundamental performance issues related to the application and the infrastructure. However, tests using on-premise load generators alone can fail to find bottlenecks that occur due to the characteristics of infrastructure outside your firewall.

Challenges for realistic tests

  • Testing large numbers of virtual users
  • Testing outside the firewall
  • Testing from multiple geographical locations

Cloud load testing meets these needs perfectly. With the Neotys Cloud Platform, NeoLoad, the ideal solution for web and mobile application load testing, integrates load generation from the cloud into testing when and as needed.


All NeoLoad capabilities

Extends all proven NeoLoad features, functions and benefits to include load generation from the cloud.

Infinite scalability

Launch and use as many load generators as needed at a moment's notice. The scalability of the solution provides the capability to simulate a virtually limitless number of virtual users.

Provides the most realistic test conditions

Test the application's entire delivery chain (firewall, routers, third party servers, etc) from different parts of the globe with integrated network emulation for mobile networks.

Easy and quick to set-up

Provisioning the cloud infrastructure on demand takes just a few minutes.

Cost effective

Payment for cloud load generators is based on actual usage.

Maximizes test design reuse

Use the same test plan and set of test scenarios to test the application no matter the combination of on-premise and cloud load generators used.

How NeoLoad Works

NeoLoad settings


NeoLoad integration

Cloud load generators can be started and managed directly from the NeoLoad controller GUI.

Web Management

Cloud load generators can be started, scheduled and managed from the customer area of the Neotys website.

Real time results provided by geographical zone

NeoLoad allows you to quickly compare separate results for each geographical zone to one another or to the global average in a convenient map view.


If needed, cloud load generators can be reserved in advance in order to setup the firewall before the test.

Network Emulation

Integrated network emulation (bandwidth, latency and packet loss) to test under real world network conditions including mobile networks.

Affordable and flexible licensing model

Buy or rent

NeoLoad licenses can be rented or obtained as a permanent license. More details are available on the licenses page of the store.

Pay as you go

Get load generators in the cloud with a pay as you use model. Go to the Cloud Testing section of the store for more information.

All-in-one Cloud Consulting Services

Neotys provides an all-inclusive cloud service offer. Neotys can develop the test scenarios, set-up the infrastructure, supervise the tests, help analyze the results and provide the licenses for any test campaign. Learn more about the details on the Cloud Load Testing Service page.


Load Testing in the Cloud

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