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Performance Testing Benefits

The Importance of Web Application Testing

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Performance testing an application ensures that it will function correctly once it is in production. Load and stress testing answers the following questions simply and conclusively:

  • Will my application fall apart under load?
  • Will my pre-defined performance targets be met?
  • How many simultaneous users can my website handle?

Performance problems are common and have a wide variety of causes:

  • Software configuration issues (for the Web server, database, load balancers etc.);
  • Poor network configuration;
  • Software code (poorly optimized, or not allowing concurrent access),
  • Insufficient hardware resources.

The only way to pinpoint these performance problems before the application goes into production is by simulating a large number of simultaneous users (load testing, stress testing).

Using just a standard Web browser, NeoLoad is able to record business actions performed within a web application, such as submitting a form or carrying out a search. These actions can then be played back by as many virtual users as are required to simulate the load that the server will have to bear. The test report will then tell you if your pre-determined reliability and performance targets have been met. If they have not, NeoLoad helps you pinpoint the areas needing improvement.

With NeoLoad, you can now deploy on time a 100% reliable web application.

Easy-to-Use. Powerful. Cost Effective.

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Load Testing Return on Investment

The financial cost of poor performance and service interruptions varies from company to company. It also varies according to the type of application affected. To assess it however, the following points should be considered:

  • Potential loss of customers, clients or partners;
  • Reduced employee productivity;
  • Damage to your brand or corporate image;
  • Capital expense of purchasing unnecessary hardware;
  • Additional cost to fix problems in an emergency.

NeoLoad avoids these risks. Furthermore, it provides minimal total cost of ownership thanks to:

  • Low license fees;
  • An ergonomic graphical interface that reduces the man hours required for testing;
  • A lease system for one-off test campaigns;
  • Reduced hardware costs: its cross-platform capabilities allow the loads to be generated on a wide variety of platforms (Unix, Windows, Linux...).

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