Neotys Testing Roundup, April 2013 Issue 3

There’s a lot going on in the world of load and performance testing and it seems there’s more to keep up with every day. With that in mind in this issue we’ve collected some of the most interesting links from around the web. This week, we hear from two thought leaders in our industry, take a look at the huge growth of mobile expected in 2013 and debut our first testing poll. So, first, let’s get to that poll, then on to the Testing Roundup!

1) 5 Questions with Colin Cherry

A few weeks ago we shared an article from Mr. Cherry (@cherryAKAtism) about how to be a happier tester. This time he’s back, but in a different capacity. In this case we have another thought leader, Phil Kirkham (@pkirkham) interviewing Mr. Cherry regarding his time in the testing industry. There’s a lot to be learned from this discussion, including how to break into testing, how testing varies across countries, his biggest challenges as a tester, how he hires a team and more. No matter if you’re just starting out in testing or are a veteran of the industry, this is a good read.

2) Let’s Compromise

Some may find this article from Ash Winter (@thekaiser1978) a bit controversial, which is why we wanted to share it today. Is compromising on testing coverage always giving up on quality? In the past weeks we shared an article about being risk aware vs. risk averse. Is there a way to deliver releases faster while, at the same time, ensuring high quality standards? Coincidentally, this is our first poll question in a series that we’ll do on our blog, so vote in the poll above and let us know what you think.

3) EuroSTAR Community Spotlight Presents Dorothy Graham

We’ve already introduced you to one thought leader today, so we thought another wouldn’t hurt. Dorothy Graham (“Dot” as she’s known in person or @DorothyGraham on Twitter) is a 30+ year veteran of testing and has been the EuroSTAR Conference chair twice. Take this chance to read about how Dot got into testing, advice she has for new testers (it seems to apply to veterans as well), who are some other great testers she admires and the biggest testing challenge she’s had in her career…the last answer might surprise you.

4) & Rackspace Gear Up for Mobile Developers

According to IDC, 57% of IT growth in 2013 will come from mobile and 33% of new apps will target mobile. If that’s not enough to prove that mobile is becoming ever more ubiquitous then check out this article from GigaOM about how industry giants and Rackspace are gearing up for more mobile app development. The relevance to you, the tester? With the increase in mobile, we’ve got to make sure all this stuff works the way it’s supposed to, even under load. If you don’t know how to performance test mobile applications, you better learn quickly.

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