1. Software Tester’s Chinese Zodiac: 2015, The Year of the Goat

We’re going to start you out with some light reading today. In this fun post, Tricentis makes some zodiac predictions specifically for testers.

“The year of the Goat is an auspicious year that symbolizes Peace and Harmony. According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the goat will lead to a shift towards automated testing, not only on-premise but also in the cloud. Some software failures will occur, resulting in financial, branding or bodily damages. However, many will be avoided because of the growing importance of software testing and quality assurance.”

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It’s inevitable that web application problems are going to happen. Here at Neotys, our business is based on helping you prevent problems through website monitoring and testing. But problems can come from anywhere, and sometimes you just need to know where to look. So we decided to put together a short guide on some of the most common performance issues you’ll encounter.

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1. Testing – the Art and the Science

One of the most daunting activities big companies face when implementing ERP software is integration testing. There are a few methodologies that are highly effective to get started on the right track.

“In testing, you want to test the right thing and you should test it right.”

So how do you go about doing that, then? In this post, the author discusses how you can determine what the “right thing” is and how you can “test it right.” Take a look.

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1. 10 Things to Avoid as a Software Tester

It’s always nice browsing through articles and reports that discuss new practices and tactics for software testing, but what about articles that dish out a slap on the wrist? Not so much. However, this doesn’t mean that these articles lack value. In fact, a little slap on the wrist can do some good.

The increasing demand for both speedy and comprehensive software testing may have testers searching for short cuts. The author is adamant that these tendencies be avoided in order to improve product quality.

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The art of software development is being radically transformed by the Agile Development methodology and the DevOps culture. Strong teams emphasize collaboration, and a focus on pushing code through to customers in real-time is proving to result in a real boost to productivity. But there is perhaps no metric more impacted by a successful Agile practice than software quality.

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